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Curriculum vitae

Dr. Tamás Bányai
Place and date of birth: Kecskemét, 11. 02. 1974.
E-mail: drbanyai@freemail.hu, medcore@t-email.hu
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  • Curriculum vitae

    Dr. Tamás Bányai
    Place and date of birth: Kecskemét, 11. 02. 1974.
    E-mail: drbanyai@freemail.hu, medcore@t-email.hu
    Workplace: Traumatological department of the County Hospital, Kecskemét, Hungary

    1988-1992. Secondary scool of the Piarists, Kecskemét
    1992-1993. Károly Esterházy College (EKTF), Biology-Physics

    1993-1999. Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical University (SZOTE), Szeged, Hungary
    Scientific student-works:
    SZOTE-Pharmacology: Cerebral blood flow experiments on rabbits
    SZOTE-Assisted Reproduction Center: GnRh effect on the ovulation induction

    Thesis: Arthroscopy of the knee, diagnostical and therapeutical possisbilities

    Training abroad:
    02.06-25.08.1997: TEMPUS SMART, surgery training. 1 month general-, 1 month thoracic-, 1 month cardiosurgery. University of Saarland, Faculty of Medicine, Homburg, Germany.

    Resident training abroad:
    01.09-31.10.2003. LEONARDO Grant, orthopedic-traumatological training
    Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Sylvestrini Hospital, Perugia-San Sisto, Italy

    Postgraduate courses:
    1999-2001. SZOTE basic resident-training, beginning of the orthopedical resident-training
    2004-2006 orthopedic-traumatological specialisationŠs training

    04-05.04.2002. Arthroscopical cadaver-training, Sándor Károlyi Hospital, Budapest
    12.04.2002. ŠCongenital disorders and degenerative diseases of the cervical and lumbal spineŠ Course, Orthopedical Clinic, SZOTE
    27.04.2002. ŠActual questions of the infectologyŠ Course, Department of Infectology, POTE, Pécs
    13.11.2002. ŠSpecial indications of the interlocked nailingŠ Course, Traumatological Clinic, SZOTE
    15.11.2002. ŠActual questions of the knee protheticŠ Course, Traumatological Clinic, SZOTE
    22.04.2004. Arthroscopical cadaver-training, Budapest
    03.09.2004. Arthroscopical shoulder surgery and shoulder prosthesis course, Krankenhaus der Barmherzige Schwestern, Wien
    26-27.11.2005. AO Basic-course, Podiatry, Budapest
    19.04.2006. Synthes IMN course, SZOTE, Szeged
    02.03.2007. Advanced Knee Arthroscopy Course, ESSKA-MAT
    14-15.09.2007. 14th EFORT Instructional Course, Budapest (9CME credits)
    16-17.05.2008. Knee Arthroscopy Cadaver Course, Budapest

    -Orthopaedics-Traumatology (2007)
    -SportŠs Medicine (2009- in progress)

    Publications as author:
    The effect of hormonal changes on the biomechanical qualities of the knee joint
    T. Bányai, G. Cerulli
    Magyar Traumatológia, Ortopédia, Kézsebészet, Plasztikai Sebészet 2007;50(3):210-215

    Knee joint stiffness and proprioception during pregnancy
    T. Bányai, L. Gera P.H.D., Á. Haga, B. Molnár G., K. Tóth, E. Nagy
    Journal of Orthopedics review process

    Scientific research:
    Effects of femaleŠs hormonal changes on joint laxity, neuromuscular balance during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy
    ŠLet People MoveŠ Biomechanical Laboratory, Perugia, Italy. Prof. Giuliano Cerulli

    Effects of hormonal changes of the female knee biomechanics
    Department of Orthopaedics, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, SZOTE, Szeged 2006.

    Hungarian Society of Traumatology
    Hungarian Society of Arthroscopy

    German: Zertifikat Deutsch als Fremdsprache (ph274429) 05.04.1995
    English: European Language Certificat in English (B1 grade 1, 62991151051203059)

    Informatical knowledges:
    MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Photoshop, Corel Draw, MS Windows XP, Webpage editing

    PC, Tennis

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